Norwegian Aviation and Defense Group

provider of Bell products to Norway and Iceland

provider of Bell products

to Norway and Iceland

It’s about the safety of everyone who flies to go to work. We will offer education, simulation and training based on Norwegian conditions and scenarios in Norway.
Bell and Wintershall DEA will introduce Bell 525 to serve the Norwegian Continental Shelf in 2022. NADG will be ready to offer training in 2022-23.
National competence means national security. We are now gathering key competencies under one roof and building the national competence center recommended by The Ministry of Defense in 2010.
We contribute to a safer future and provide added value to our customers by delivering education, simulation and training, as well as logistics and maintenance.
Bell aircrafts represent reliability and future vertical lift solutions. Bell offer maintainable aircrafts for all types of missions and demanding environments.
With technology and innovation in focus Bell can deliver helicopters fit for all types of commercial missions inland.
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