About us

It takes courage and perseverance to build a national competence center for helicopters and aviation. Since 2000, we have taken many small steps in the right direction. Now we are close to creating a holistic base for aviation and helicopters at Stavanger Airport, Sola.

NADG serves companies offshore, inland and also military needs. It’s about the safety and security of everyone who flies to go to work. We will offer training based on Norwegian conditions and scenarios in Norway. This entails more than introducing new helicopter types. It is also about building future competence and training in drone flying as drones are used in more industries. Here, too, expertise is needed on local conditions such as weather, wind and geography, which is an important building block in the national competence center. 

Everyone shall come home.

Why is this important? It is about safety and having the freedom of choice so that operations do not stop completely if one helicopter type is grounded. We must also use the latest and greatest technology to reduce fuel consumption, noise output and a smaller climate footprint. By introducing a new type of helicopters on the Norwegian shelf, we will improve operations, reduce risk and costs. With Bell 525 in service offshore, operators will have an alternative to choose from.

Today, we are a small company working closely with solid partners in multiple industries. The next step is to develop an aviation training and education center. We will build a competence centre for aviation training, simulation, logistics and maintenance. We are growing, step by step, as we have done since the idea of ​​a national competence center for aviation was sown in 2000.

What is our purpose?
NADG exits to provide aviation solutions contributing to a safer future by building a national competance center for aviation.
Why do we do it?
Creating a Norwegian powerhouse for aviation training, simulation and maintenance is the best way to ensure the safety of everyone who flies to go to work.
How do we do it?
We pledge to work together with our customers to deliver safety-focused, cost efficient operations within the military, offshore and inland industries.
What sets us apart from our competition?
Our management team has over 20 years average experience in the helicopter, oil and gas industry. CEO Ole-Petter Bakken har worked relentlessly since 2000 with one goal in mind – to build a national competence center for aviation at Stavanger Airport, Sola.
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