About us

Norwegian Aviation and Defence Group (NADG) was established in 2017 and is an independently owned Norwegian company. We provide Bell products to Norway and Iceland serving offshore, utility and military operations. NADG is recognized as an industrial cooperation partner by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense (NMoD). 

NADG is using its unique knowledge and experience to build a state of the art European Simulation & Training Academy (ESTA) close to Stavanger Airport, Sola.


We provide helicopters for any type of mission, be it offshore, utility or military. We pledge to work together with our customers to deliver safety-focused, cost efficient operations within current and future industries relevant to our markets. 

By 2023 we will provide training and simulation through our state of the art European Simulation & Training Academy (ESTA). Creating a Norwegian powerhouse for aviation training, simulation, logistics and maintenance is the best way to ensure the safety of everyone who flies as part of their profession.

Building future competence also includes training drone pilots, as drones are used in multiple industries. As is the case for helicopters, expertise is needed on local conditions such as harsh weather, wind and geography, which is an important building block for ESTA. 

THE team

CEO Ole Petter Bakken has worked relentlessly since 2000 with one goal in mind – to build the European Simulation & Training Academy (ESTA) at Stavanger Airport, Sola. He has over 20 years experience from the aviation, military, oil and gas industry.

Ole Petter Bakken
President / CEO

+47 468 11 828

Anne Irene S. Raustein
Executive Assistant to the CEO

+47 952 07 321

Business Conduct Guidelines

Norwegian Aviation and Defence Group (NADG) shall conduct its business with integrity, respecting the laws, cultures, and rights of individuals in all the countries in which we operate.